Thursday, October 13, 2005

Andrew said, "Blog It!" :)

I was working with Andrew for just several months in Enterprise Database Corporation (2-programmer's company :)). But it was an excellent time: Andy gave me ideas and I implemented them (arguing). Now I'm glad to welcome him here.
I sent Andrew a message and his answer was, "Don't tell me ... blog it!" So, here's what I sent:

"Andrew, I saw on your Wiki that you are interested in Design Patterns. I think I'm interested too. I bought a couple of books and going to study. I feel more and more that I'm reinventing the wheel, that I'm continuously performing similar tasks but cannot tell exactly what is common between them."

Andrew answered:
"If you bought the Gamma et al book, return it. Everyone says "Head First Design Patterns" is the best to start with. Then "Patterns of Enterprise Application Architecture " by Fowler.

See his Refactoring post over there.