Monday, August 07, 2006

Bookmark synchronization

I finally found a working software for bookmark synchronization across separate computers. Bookmark Sync and Sort This add-on works with Mozilla Firefox and allows to upload your bookmarks to FTP address of your choice (I use a directory on my domain) and to download them to another machine. I just synchronized bookmarks on my machine here with my home Firefox. I also found another software which allows to synchronize bookmarks (favorites) across many different browsers on a single machine (they are planning to add FTP and synchronization later on). So, together this add-on and this application allowed me to synchronize bookmarks on all browsers at home and on my Firefox at work!

Update, July 25, 2008: Unfortunately, neither "Bookmark Sync and Sort" plugin nor Syncbookmarks application work with Firefox 3. Syncbookmarks does not report any error, but doesn't pick Firefox's bookmarks. I'm switching from to a new and powerful Foxmarks plugin. It works beautifully in a fully automated mode. A version for IE is going to be released. To sync bookmarks for SeaMonkey or Opera you can use Foxmarks for Firefox and Internet Explorer in a combination with Syncbookmarksto to copy IE favorits into SeaMonkey or Opera bookmarks. (I always use Firtefox as a main bookmark source.)