Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Preventing Duplicate Record Insertion on Page Refresh

A colleague of mine just pointed me to this article. Personally, I never POSTed to the same page in my classic ASP and PHP applications. Never! I always POSTed to a different page with no HTML but only ASP/DB processing code and then redirected back or to an appropriate ASP/HTML page. To my believe, Web application should clearly distinguish client side processing and server side processing, I never liked Microsoft's attempts to mimic distributed computing by desktop-like ASP.NET page with Web Controls which pretend to be both server and client side. Obviously, it is not only my believe: even Anders Hejlsberg said something similar with his conversation with Bruce Eckel. Thus, .NET team started to look at MVC model too.

However, there are thousands of loyal ASP.NET developers who use classic ASP.NET approach for years. So, I bet, there should be a solution which is common and approved by Microsoft as a standard one. You simply cannot develop in ASP.NET without resolving this issue. So, could some of you, experienced ASP.NET developers, point me (a newbie in .NET world) to a standard solution?